What is the Coffee Roasting Championship all about?

What is the Coffee Roasting Championship all about?

The Coffee Roasting Championships are held periodically around the world, where competitors from different countries compete for the prestigious title of World Coffee Roasting Champion. This competition is not only a test of skill, but also a platform to showcase innovative coffee roasting technologies.

Green Grading

The competition begins with the Green Grading stage, where competitors analyse a sample of green coffee. They are given 350g of coffee, which they must sort, measure density and moisture content and identify defects according to Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) guidelines.

Sample roasting

They then proceed to the roasting stage of the competition coffee samples at the Stronghold S7Pro roaster. Each competitor has the same amount of coffee and time to prepare a sample. Based on this, the following day they create a flavour profile of the coffee, which will be roasted at a large roaster and submitted to the judges for evaluation.

Creating a sensory description

Before they start roasting more coffee, they prepare a sensory description. They must describe the aroma, flavour, acidity, sweetness and texture of the coffee on special forms, which are then given to the judges before the roasting stage.
At this stage, the contestants decide on the roasting parameters, such as the initial temperature, the final temperature and the final colour of the roasted coffee.

Blind cupping - the final test

The final stage is blind cupping, in which the judges evaluate the coffees without knowing which coffee belongs to which competitor. The sum of the scores from all rounds determines the winner with the highest number of points.


Technology in the service of the smooth running of the championships

Preparations for these competitions used to be very complicated due to the requirements for gas connections, chimneys and fire brigade inspections. However, more and more organisers are now opting for Stronghold's S7Pro all-electric roasters with J7 exhaust filters, allowing zero-emission coffee roasting in any building.

Coffee Machines Sale, as a sponsor and equipment supplier, supports this competition not only in Poland but also abroad, including countries such as the Czech Republic and Austria, showing its commitment to promoting excellence and innovation in the coffee industry.

The Coffee Roasting Championship is not only a great opportunity for competitors to demonstrate their skills, but also a platform to showcase new technologies that are shaping the future of the coffee industry.