Revolutionizing the Roasting Game: The Blend of Tradition and Technology

Revolutionizing the Roasting Game: The Blend of Tradition and Technology

Every coffee enthusiast at some point dreams about two things: visiting coffee plantations and roasting coffee. Among these two, embarking on a coffee journey might seem easier than starting to work in a coffee roastery. However, once someone takes the plunge into the roasting world, they soon realize that the romanticism, tales, and legends are overshadowed by the reality of production roasting. Instead of juggling different countries, exploring intriguing processing methods, and profiling coffees, most of the time roasters find themselves handling bags of coffee, often the same coffee.

A common sight in this setting is a roaster wearing headphones during roasting. Music, podcasts, or audiobooks serve as a refuge to break the monotony of production, where almost identical tasks are performed at the same moments. Anyone who has had the chance to work under such conditions knows the importance of consistency in the production process. Every action carried out should be identical if a similar end result is expected.

During a typical production day, numerous surprises may come our way - a change in the air temperature in the roastery, different humidity levels, or a new batch of coffee. Even with high-quality equipment, unexpected variables may arise, which only an experienced roaster can manage.

With the advent of the Stronghold roaster and Roastware software, the traditional production can be handed over to an algorithm. Its repeatability is so high that once we program a coffee profile, we can delegate the tedious production tasks to less experienced individuals. This, in turn, frees us up to focus on other pressing matters.

In the case of the X series, namely the S7X, S8X, and S9X roasters, repeatability is ensured by an additional sensor called X-lens, which measures the coffee surface using an infrared sensor. This innovation guarantees that we obtain precisely the coffee we desire every time.

The integration of modern technology like the Stronghold roaster and Roastware software with traditional roasting methods not only enhances the efficiency and consistency of coffee roasting but also opens up new horizons for roasters to explore. It's a testament to how the marriage of tradition and technology can lead to a revolution in the coffee roasting game, making the dream of every coffee aficionado a tangible reality.