Degrees of coffee roasting

Degrees of coffee roasting

Understand the degrees of coffee roasting from light roast to dark roast. Learn how the different degrees of roasting affect the flavour, aroma and colour of coffee. 

Intensity of Coffee

The intensity of a coffee is directly related to the degree of roasting. This process affects not only the colour of the beans, but also the taste, aroma and overall 'strength' of the coffee. Different degrees of roasting can completely change the character of the brew, from light and acidic to deep and intense. By learning about the different degrees of roasting, you can better match the coffee to your individual preferences.

Coffee colour

The colour of the coffee bean is a visual indicator of the degree of roasting. Light roasted beans have a light brown colour and often retain more acidity and the original characteristics of the growing region. Medium roasted beans have a darker, more uniform brown colour and balanced flavour. Dark roasted beans are the darkest, often with a sheen from the oils coming to the surface of the beans during roasting, and have an intense, deep flavour.

Dark Roasted Coffee

Heavily roasted coffee, also known as 'dark roast', is characterised by an intense, rich flavour and aroma. The roasting process reduces acidity, leaving deep notes of dark chocolate, caramel and sometimes even smoked wood. It is a popular choice with many coffee lovers who appreciate a strong and distinctive flavour.

Medium Roast Coffee

"Medium roast", or medium roast coffee, is a balance between light and dark roast. The beans have a rich brown colour and a balanced flavour profile, combining sweetness with delicate acidity. Medium-roasted coffee often reveals more complex flavour notes, such as fruit, nuts or chocolate, while remaining fresh and light.

Light Roasted Coffee

Known as 'light roast', light roast coffee is light brown in colour and usually retains most of the original flavour characteristics of the bean. It is characterised by high acidity and pronounced fruity or floral notes. It is ideal for those who appreciate a subtler, more complex palette of flavours in coffee.

Choosing the right coffee roast is a key element in shaping the drinking experience. From light roast to medium roast to dark roast, each roast grade offers a unique taste experience.